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“SMS” (short message service) marketing plays the most important role in the marketing industry as sending SMS can give us back most amount of conversions as compared any other marketing techniques available through out the digital marketing platform. SMS Marketing refers to how a brand communicates with their customers through text messages containing products information, product promotions, news updates, confirmation messages and much more.
“SMS” is a communicative effective channel which displays immediate results of our communication network. A person or an organization has a full access of what content or message that has to be send. 
Types of SMS:
Promotional SMS:  Promotional messages are text messages send to customers to advertise a product or service which results in increased sale conversions, brand building, product promotions,service related announcements, reminders and much more.
Transactional SMS: Transactional messages are automated messages used by most of the companies to support their customers through out their customer journey. Transactional messages can be like order confirmations, welcome messages, shipping updates, OTP’s and much more.
Benefits of SMS Marketing:
   ✓    High text open rates and increased customer engagement.
   ✓    Text message marketing allows brands to reach customers instantly.
   ✓    Texting creates more personal customer relationships.

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