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   ♦    Content Marketing is a strategy used to attract, engage, and retain wide range of audience by creating and sharing relevant content in the form of articles, videos, podcasts, and other media. Content Marketing is an approach to establishes a expertise, increase brand awareness and retain your business to top of mind when it's time to buy what you sell. It is a marketing trend strategy which targets on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and engaging content to attract and retain a clear and defined audience to run profitable customer action. This strategy is used by many prominent organizations in the world and is also executed by small business unit around the globe. 
   ♦    Content Marketing focusses on building trust, generating conversions and grow customer loyalty. It  helps to evolve what customers expect from the brands how they interact with it.
Benefits of content marketing are :
   ♦    Increased sales.
   ♦    Cost savings.
   ♦    Better customers who have more loyalty towards the organizations.
   ♦    Content as a profit center. 
   ♦    The purpose of content marketing is to persuade a person into taking action.
   ♦    Fundamental of a  content marketing program is defining  the business objectives you want your program to accomplish ,as per the goals and criteria’s of an organization. 
Objectives of content marketing to keep in mind :
   ♦    Brand Health
   ♦    Marketing Optimization
   ♦    Revenue Generation
   ♦    Operational Efficiency
   ♦    Customer Experience
   ♦    Innovation
A step-by-step guidelines to help you devise a content marketing strategy and plan as per our business objectives and targets . some of them are listed below:

    ♦    Establish Your Goals as per the organization policies and objectives. 
   ♦    Analyze and Define Your targeted Audience. 
   ♦    Research about Your Competitors. 
   ♦    Complete Topic And Keyword Research. 
   ♦    Review Your Existing Content. 
   ♦    Devise Your Strategy keeping in mind the policies, vision and mission of an organization. . 
   ♦    Plan Your Resources. 
   ♦    Plan Your Content Production Schedule.

How a content Marketer works:
   ♦    The content marketer's job is to determine not only how to do that, but how to evaluate the efficacy of strategies employed by using metrics.
   ♦    Integrating keywords into your strategy and evaluating the effectiveness.
   ♦    Knowing your audience and what you can do for them.
   ♦    Creating engaging and original blog posts, emails, and social media posts targeted to your audience based on current trends.
   ♦    Using tools like to find out what questions your audience is asking and develop content to answer those questions.
   ♦    Repurposing popular content across multiple platforms.
   ♦    Creating email marketing campaigns targeted to users who sign up for gated content or opt-in to the mailing list.
   ♦    Maintaining the company website and keeping it updated according to latest trends.


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